Baofriend Dishes Out Love and Desserts to Ladies this International Women’s Day

Stop by at your favourite hot Baofriend and enjoy complimentary dessert & tons of fun

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Baofriend, the trendy Asian fusion eatery that’s taking the UAE by storm, is giving the ladies a little something sweet to savour and many more reasons to celebrate themselves more fully this International Women’s Day. Baofriend’s complimentary treat, the Pashmak Bao, made with love and a ton of wonderful ingredients, promises to pop your tastebuds and take your special day up by several notches.

Crafted to perfection with unique caramelised bao, creamy pistachio halva mousse, distinctive rose water caramel, and tangy pomegranate, the lusciously creamy dessert will be available exclusively for diners at Baofriend’s Dubai Silicon Oasis branch on 8th March from 6 pm to 11 pm. Promising to transport the ladies to eternal bliss, Baofriend’s Pashmak Bao unveils the true beauty and diversity of Asian fusion cuisine in every way.Baofriend Dishes Out Love and Desserts to Ladies this International Women’s Day

Showing appreciation for all the amazing women out there, this International Women’s Day presents the perfect opportunity to take your lady friends for a casual night out or make the most of that long-awaited catch-up. With a menu packed full of flavourful dishes and a vibrant ambience that’s hard to find elsewhere, Baofriend is sure to become your favourite hangout spot right from the start. So, what are you waiting for?

Come on down to Baofriend and let us show you some love this International Women’s Day.