who are we

Dubai Global News is a media group consisting of a group of Internet sites with the aim of publishing Dubai’s social, economic, commercial and medical news and all that can be provided of news about Dubai in particular and the Arab Gulf in general… However, there are some foreign news that are directly or indirectly related to the Emirates.

general idea:

The idea of ​​this media group arose after it was noticed that the number of sites that include Dubai news is very less. It is diverse and numerous, but it is not comprehensive or keeping pace with all events.. So the idea of ​​the group was to create a group of sites that would serve as a gate in which all the events of Dubai in particular and the Emirates in general were displayed. .. To show the developments of society and commercial, cultural, media and service activities and all other fields.

We started work on the main website, Dubai Global News, in mid-January 2016 with a light news group, but the actual work for us started in mid-February 2016 and continued until now.

who are we:

A group of journalists and individuals gather for our community news in Dubai..and paper publications are not enough to list all that news..we made these sites in order to publish all the news we reach, whether from the source or through other colleagues

Our goal:

Our main goal is to deliver thought and news together.. so that the reader can know what Dubai has achieved in terms of progress and progress.

Our target audience is all individuals and ages in the usual lifestyle .. from the age of 12 until over sixty, there are news related to entertainment for children, resort trips and medical tourism for the elderly .. and what is between them of clothes, electrical tools, scientific, technological and cultural exhibitions, fashion and beauty .. We We cover all lifestyles without limitation… to form a comprehensive and holistic picture of all members of society.

We do not have any financial goal at the moment.. In addition, we can advertise to others at a nominal value in order to cover our actual expenses

The group is in the process of issuing a printed version, but after studying the market and determining the extent to which the market needs such a publication

We cover the Gulf market mainly and the countries of the Middle East in general.. Due to the interdependence of countries through the Internet.. It is not possible to separate one country from another if the Internet is used.. And this is what we seek to achieve, which is to get readers from all over the world.

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