Discover the Eye-catching VisionPlus EXPO 2024 in Dubai

Dubai, United Arab Emirates As the anticipation builds, VisionPlus EXPO 2024 invites the optical community to partake in this global celebration of eyewear. Beyond being a trade show, it’s an immersive experience where business, innovation, and fashion converge. Participants can look forward to forging meaningful connections, staying abreast of industryContinue Reading

Middle Easy Enthralled by Hanbok… “K-Culture Festival Dubai” Opens

The inauguration of the “K-Culture Festival Dubai 2024”, organized by the World Start-up Forum, on April 12th heralded a convergence of Korean fashion with cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain in Dubai, the financial hub of the Middle East. Held at the Arjaan Rotana Hotel in Media City,Continue Reading

“ليغاسي ماشين بربتشوال إيڨو”

MB&F creations have transported their wearers to destinations that exist only on maps of the imagination: from star-cruisers to deep-sea jellyfish, Maximilian Büsser’s Machines are the mechanical cartographers of the multiverse. The EVO line marked a significant evolution, with the release of the first LM Perpetual EVO pieces in 2020:Continue Reading

تألقوا بإطلالتكم مع مجموعة Vilebrequin X Highsnobiety في هاماك بيتش بوتيكتميزوا بعصرية مجموعة هذا الموسم

Fire up this season with this trendy collection. Hamac Beach Boutique is showcasing Vilebrequin X Highsnobiety Collection featuring chic style, a tailored fit, and supreme comfort. The new collaboration captures the essence of St. Tropez’s rich history through the unique lens of Highsnobiety. By merging the distinctive aesthetics of bothContinue Reading

More than 170,000 visitors, over 450 brands, and major international buyers: how the first Moscow Beauty Week went

Dubai, United Arab Emirates — From December 9 to 12, one of the largest events in the beauty industry took place – the first Moscow Beauty Week. Over four days, more than 170,000 people visited the main exhibition at the Manege and other partner venues. More than 450 companies showcasedContinue Reading