Dr. Alaa Aref: 5 types of skin wrinkles can be treated non-surgically

Dr. Alaa Aref, a consultant dermatologist and cosmetologist, explained that there are 5 types of skin wrinkles that can be treated with non-surgical cosmetic methods, which are kinetic wrinkles resulting from facial movement such as frowning or otherwise, permanent wrinkles, sleep wrinkles, time wrinkles, sun exposure wrinkles, and smoking wrinkles.

This came during a press conference held by Dr. Alaa in Dubai, who was ranked among the 50 most influential women in Saudi Arabia, in the list of Arabian Business magazine.

Dr. Alaa pointed out during the conference that smoking acts as a made for free radicals, which in turn impede the access of oxygen to the cells and thus contribute to their demolition at the expense of building them, which makes the collagen in the skin break down quickly, so the skin looks thin and older.
She added that all women and men want to look good with youthful and beautiful skin, noting that Botox and Fillers are non-surgical treatments.

She advised the need to avoid smoking, and the need to turn on both sides during sleep.

And she stated that she treats patients with non-surgical treatments, as she beautifies the shape of the nose by injecting fillers and Botox using local anesthesia, and stressed the need not to resort to plastic surgery except when absolutely necessary, such as deformities in the face, skin, or the shape of the nose, and so on.

She explained that there are aesthetic levels for the shape of the face and the profile, and they can be modified with non-surgical treatments to create consistency in the shape of the face between the chin, upper lip and nose.

And she stressed the need to pay attention to acne treatment from its inception in order to avoid leaving traces and scars that are difficult to treat later, except with many surgical interventions.

It is noteworthy that Dr. Alaa opened the Alaa Aref Luxury Piercing Center, which means ear and body piercing according to high standards of sterilization and medical care, or in terms of jewelry with a design inspired by the Arab character, to be a distinctive mark for her, as she studied the world of perforation in London to combine it with medicine as a consultant. Aesthetics, which she excelled in, after earning her MSc in Dermatology from St. John’s Dermatology Institute, University of London, UK, PhD in Subspecialty in Non-Surgical Procedures in New York, and Fellowship in Dermatology and Aesthetic Surgery from Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai.

Dr. Alaa Aref worked in the health sector in the Saudi Ministry of Interior, after which she opened her own clinic in the city of Jeddah. The doctor is the first Saudi doctor accredited as an ambassador for the Allergan International Company for training in cosmetic injections, thus gaining the confidence of her celebrity and businesswoman auditors from all Arab countries.

During the press conference held in Dubai, Dr. Alaa stressed the need for women to pursue their dreams and aspirations in order to be able to achieve important achievements for themselves, their society and their country, and for them to play their natural role as active participants in the sustainable development process