Vmeals Ramadan offer

20% discount, 100% cashback to customer who succeeds in losing most weight during the holy month

March 28, 2021, DubaiVmeals, the individually packaged healthy meals delivery service, is happy to announce an exciting Ramadan offer. All orders booked for the Holy month will get a 20% discount. Additionally, V Meals will offer 100% cashback to the person who will lose the most weight among all its customers during Ramadan. Those who agree to participate in the weight loss challenge will have to record their weight at the start of the program and a month later.

“Health is an investment you make to have the life of your dreams. Following this as our policy at Vmeals we pride ourselves on offering variety and customization to cater to the tastes and requirements of people across ethnicities, age groups and locations in Dubai and across the emirates. Every individual is unique and Vmeals recognizes this need by offering customized plans that take preferences into account. These relate to diets, locations, and times of delivery. Our aim is to empower people to take charge of their health.” Says Araj Hassan, CEO and Founder, Vmeals

عرض Vmeals في رمضان

“During Ramadan, we will be happy to change the delivery time, so customers receive their food before Iftaar. They will have assurance of being able to break their fast, focus on the ritual prayers without distractions. We want to encourage our customers to have a peaceful and prayerful state of mind, so they are blessed in this season of reflection and meditation.” He added

Customization is the Key Differentiator

Vmeals takes customization several steps forward. An in-house nutritionist is at hand for those seeking guidance. Every plan is tailored to the customer’s requirement. VMeals walks him or her from planning to execution wherein the customer is fully aware of every part of what he or she will consume, why and when, how it will impact him or her.

Customization extends to delivery of meals. Vmeals makes sure the food ordered is finely packaged and delivered at the customer’s doorstep within the given time frame.  Preferred times and number of daily deliveries to varied locations are arranged to suit the customer’s convenience.

These measures are particularly significant during Ramadan when eating times and cycles are changed.

Variety is the spice of life

What’s special about Vmeals is that along with being nutritious, they are mouth-watering, freshly cooked and offer variety to keep subscribers to chop and change from month to month. Keto, Pescatarian, Vegan, Vegetarian and Weight Loss are the most popular menus on call. And a mix is on offer to those who look for change.

The purpose of this offer is to add the virtue of healthfulness to this holy month full of blessings.

About V meals

Vmeals delivers healthy meals around Dubai. With the belief that the foundation of a happy life lies in how healthy and good one feels about oneself, Vmeals started off during the pandemic responding to a need to focus on health. A range of menus cover Keto, Vegetarian, Gluten free, Dairy free, Vegan, and Pescatarian while individual customization is key to it success. Quality assurance by use of the freshest natural ingredients, taste by employing experienced chefs and sound advice from   expert nutritionists have catapulted the company into a leading position in the city.