Art In The Park – An Inclusive Art Exhibition

Leaving Legacy and honoring artists of determination

22 March 202 Dubai, United Arab Emirates Index Mall, a retail space part of Emirates REIT’s portfolio, is proud to announce its latest initiative, Art In The Park, pointing a spotlight on artists of determination and their inclusion under the theme “Your Legacy”.

Art has always been a vehicle of expression for unspoken words, feelings, and emotions, and this type of expression takes an entirely new meaning for Roshan Perera, a 48-year-old hearing-impaired artist, whose daily communication relies on the ability of others to speak sign language. Exploring outdoor space, human interactions, and art as a medium for inclusion, Art in the Park, aims to become a regular community happening in the busy Dubai calendar.

Art In The Park – An Inclusive Art Exhibition

ART IN THE PARK is a celebration of accessible art, artists, live paintings, student competitions, and two featured artist installations, as well as an ongoing outdoor exhibition in the heart of Dubai International Financial Center, featuring artworks curated by Legacy Art and Pupilar Institute. The event will begin on Tuesday, March 22, 2022, under the theme “Your Legacy” prompting a self-reflection on what we leave behind.  Highlighting a strong message of INCLUSION, with an artist of determination, Roshan Perera will be painting live with the assistance and support of a sign language instructor to enable communication with visitors and staff. To create a fully inclusive environment, Pomegranate Institute, the region’s most trusted and efficient training creator, and executor will assist visitors in learning simple sentences and encourage them to offer messages of solidarity to Roshan. The focus will be on 4 sentences: We see you; We hear you; We are here for you and Thank you

Supriya Chauhan, an aesthetic dentist, author, research scholar, and passionate life caster, has been invited to cast the hand gestures for these four sentences to create a physical bridge between Roshan and the visitors to frame this communication effort. The grand opening ceremony on March 22nd will also serve as the launchpad for Pupilar Institution’s inter-school/inter-college competition, which will be followed by a networking event on March 23rd, a calligraphy workshop by Sheikh Saifi, and art talks by renowned Legacy Art artists such as Mariam Ketait (Chikara), Divyata Rajaram, and Leona Collins Aqsa Khalifa from March 23rd to March 26th. The event would conclude with a stellar award ceremony to honor the aspiring artist winners of the inter-school competition on 26th March 2022. The competition would be judged by renowned judges from the artworld which include Avant-Garde Aficionado and Dubai’s Modern Art Maven British Artist, Patricia Millins, Game Changer, Sarah Shaw and the Director of the Fine Arts Department from the Dubai Culture & Arts Authority who is also a passionate plastic artist.

Speaking on behalf of Index Mall, the Chairwoman of Equitativa (Managing REIT), Magali Mouquet, said “We are thrilled to be able to offer our space to the local Art scene and facilitate an inclusive experience that celebrates connectedness and community

Index Mall’s ART IN THE PARK initiative hopes to demonstrate that inclusivity can be as simple as making a small “hand gesture” to say “thank you.”

The Theme Explained

About Index Mall and Index Park

Index Mall, located at the base of Index Tower, is a lifestyle destination with an outdoor park in the heart of DIFC. The mall creates a relaxed modern atmosphere to meet with friends and enjoy the diverse and unique food and retail offerings.

INDEX PARK offers seating arrangements, picnic areas, fountains and an outdoor screen. The park creates an urban green space, with nature pods and a children’s play area. A perfect setting for hosting a range of activities, brand activations, local markets, and exciting experiences for the DIFC community and beyond.

About Pupilar

Pupilar connects youths to career opportunities by testing their skillsets through real-time ‘challenges’ and building meaningful professional relationships. They are reinventing youth hiring in the region.  And this year, through Art in Park’s theme “Your Legacy” and partnership in 2022, they are helping organizations mark a lasting legacy through young people of the nation and reinstating its importance to their visitors.

About Legacy Art

Legacy Marketing & Artistic Events DMCC (“Legacy”) provides a complete bouquet of services including researching, procuring and commissioning of artworks. Legacy’s objective is to cater to increasing demand for art from corporates and also to organize events to target consumers through exhibitions. The team at Legacy has an experience of over two decades in the art business and has successfully established a network of relationships spread across the Middle East, Asia, Europe and North America.

About Pomegranate

Pomegranate Institute is the region’s most trusted & efficient training creator & executor. Our institute is KHDA approved, offering a rich variety of Personal & Professional Development Courses, team building & customized workshops, more than 30 languages, including Sign Languages (ASL, BSL, Arabic SL) as well as unique corporate packages & consultancy services