International Day of Happiness: find your happy place at Expo 2020 Dubai

As Expo 2020 Dubai prepares to mark the International Day of Happiness (20 March), a specially-curated journey will trigger smiles while enhancing understanding of human wellbeing. From releasing your inner child to relaxing the mind, the ‘Spark Joy’ trail complements the engaging programming planned for the International Day of Happiness.

The pursuit of happiness begins in the Opportunity District at the Colombia Pavilion – the land that gifted musical legends like Shakira and J Balvin to the world. More than 1,000 Colombian rhythms will connect each visitor to the culture and narratives that make the country ideal for both business and pleasure, while experiencing the kindness of its people and the colourful contrasts between the city and nature.

رحلة  لـ “نشر المرح” تتوج احتفالات إكسبو 2020 دبي باليوم الدولي للسعادة

Next up is the Bhutan Pavilion, where the level of its citizens’ happiness is considered a greater indicator of prosperity than its GDP, earning it the nickname ‘the land of happiness’. Explore some of Bhutan’s national artefacts and paintings, along with a special collection of miniatures from Taktsang monastery, and experience mask dances and folk songs.

At the Fiji Pavilion, visitors have the opportunity to become a ‘Bulannaire’, which means to be rich in happiness in Fijian. Through fun, interactive activities, the pavilion aims to make the idea of happiness tangible for all who enter its doors, rooted in the belief that those who find happiness are well-equipped to rise above any challenges they may face.

Moving on to the Luxembourg Pavilion, visitors are invited to an immersive experience ranging from walks through historic castles, to exploring the beautiful Moselle region or tickling the senses with light and sound. Exciting surprises are scattered throughout the pavilion, with the three-storey slide the fastest – and most fun – way to exit any pavilion across the site!

Continuing into the Sustainability District, visitors have the opportunity to dip their feet in the Amazon as the Brazil Pavilion recreates the world-famous basin through a water feature. While taking in the sights, sounds and scents of the South American nation’s riverside areas, visitors also learn more about the landscapes and ecosystems of its rivers  and mangrove forests.

In the Hungary Pavilion, the Aqua Bar showcases a wide range of the country’s mineral waters, while a series of installations evoke the sense of being immersed in one of their healing thermal baths. The extraordinary interactive experience is based on the theme of water, without using water itself.

The journey goes on into the Mobility District, stopping at the Estonia Pavilion to introduce e-solutions that are part of the daily lives of its people, who even meditate electronically. Visitors have the opportunity to lean back and unwind in the Mind Spa chamber to reset and connect with the inner self.

The tour ends at the Poland Pavilion, where one of the most photographed and beloved treats at Expo 2020 Dubai – Polish ice cream – awaits! While there, take a rest in the shade of a kinetic sculpture representing flying birds, before heading in to learn about Polish culture.

The self-guided ‘Spark Joy’ visitor journey is accessible via Expo 2020 Dubai’s social media platforms. The International Day of Happiness programming forms part of Expo 2020 Dubai’s Programme for People and Planet, which centres around 10 Theme Weeks that offer an exchange of inspiring new perspectives to address the greatest challenges and opportunities of our time