Angola, the land of diamonds and ‘black gold’ brings a touch of warmth to Expo 2020 Dubai with ‘Sun is Energy’

The fourth in a series of five shows presented by the Angola Pavilion at Expo 2020, ‘Sun is Energy’ paid homage to the wonder that is the sun on Wednesday (16 April).

أنغولا تحتفل بـ”الشمس وقواها الرائعة” بعرض فني مذهل على مسرح دبي ميلينيوم

With a spirited cast of talented musicians, dynamic dancers and powerful singers bringing the sounds and rhythms of Angola to Expo 2020 Dubai, the stage at Dubai Millennium Amphitheatre was a riot of bright, shiny colour and energy as performers portrayed the physical and emotional impact the big ball of fire has on everyone.

Against a backdrop of videos showcasing the beautiful African country, the message was one of appreciation for our natural resources, as the world looks towards creating a more sustainable future, powered by clean energy from the powerful sun.