<strong>خريطة الذكاء الاصطناعي في خطر:</strong>

New research reveals that, while 79% of UAE organisations invest in analytics ahead of all other technology, historic unsolved challenges mean critical business insights aren’t fully utilised. Dubai, UAE. — 1  November 2022— Alteryx, Inc. (NYSE: AYX), the Analytics Automation company, has uncovered the core factors blocking organisations from deliveringContinue Reading

Container xChange Survey: 60% of Freight Forwarders and NVOCCs Struggle to Monitor Movement of Shipping Containers

HAMBURG, Germany — On the lines of the launch of Container Control, a revolutionary, first-of-its-kind technology platform for freight forwarders and NVOCCs worldwide, Container xChange published results of its recent poll to bring to light the burning pain points of container logistic companies and how the product aims to solveContinue Reading

مركز حياتي الصحي يقدم الدعم لطفل مصري يُعاني اضطراب نقص الانتباه والتوحد

The boy’s family noticed a 85% improvement  in less than three months at  the      Dubai based Hayati Health Center ADHD is the most common coexisting condition in children with ASD but difficult to distinguish Center receives patients from across the Middle Eastern region and caters to them with well-developed customizedContinue Reading