“e4life” is Present at Expomed Eurasia with its Innovative Device Able to Inactivate Flu and Covid Viruses With an Efficacy over 90%

Expomed Eurasia, the most important medical exhibition between Europe and Asia, is ready to house more than a hundred companies, to discover new technological trends and the most innovative products which are going to change deeply the health market. This is a perfect occasion for e4life to present its device based onContinue Reading

New frontier in fighting viruses: electromagnetic waves can render flu and COVID viruses inactive, with a success rate of over 90%. This is the “e4life” new smart prevention device.

The “e4shield” technology, underpinning “e4life” devices, subjects viruses to a precise oscillating electromagnetic field that resonates with the outer shell until it breaks. This renders the viruses completely inactive, so they are no longer infectious. The effect is generated through electromagnetic waves at a lower intensity than that of an ordinaryContinue Reading

Tevogen Bio to Study Therapeutic Potential of its Investigational COVID-19 T Cell Therapy in Long COVID

WARREN, N.J.: Tevogen Bio, a late-stage clinical biotechnology company specializing in the development of cellular immunotherapies in oncology, neurology, and virology announced today its intention to study potential therapeutic use of its investigational COVID-19 T cell therapy, TVGN-489, in Long COVID. The finding that none of the patients in theContinue Reading