Iftar at Society cafe restaurant . Dubai

This Ramadan 2023,  Society Cafe  gives you an experience of their traditional Arabian hospitality and lavish display of their exquisite Iftar buffet at Society Cafe This is something we were looking forward to.
We were thoroughly impressed by the warm greetings at the door. They were so interactive and reached out to the guests table with their kind gestures to ask if they are keeping well and enjoying their iftar.
You have a display of traditional Arabic drinks, one is a tangy tamarind based drink that was very refreshing and another had hints of Hibiscus. You can also ask for any soft drink or the yoghurt based Laban.Iftar at Society cafe restaurant . Dubai
It was a colorful, elegant set up at Society Cafe, while all of the food is top quality. The buffet is held in the centre of the restaurant and is well decorated according to the Ramadan. The buffet is divided into different sections, so we decided to stop by the soup station. We got some of the tasty onion soup and lentil soup which is worth trying too. The salad section has a huge variety of Middle Eastern salads: the hummus and the vine leaves were excellent, Asian Chicken salad , more and more cold and hot mezzeh. Add to that the most impressive array of labneh with mint and Zaatar…
For the main course, we tried a portion from the grilled whole lamb Ouzi , among a huge variety of Middle Eastern dishes as a mixed grill. The chicken was moist and tender, chicken Kabsa,
the rice was delicately spiced and complemented the flavours of the chicken…and more stands filled with the most mouthwatering dishes.

We must say we are once again really happy with this Iftar,  the taste is excellent with a good variety, and the service was attentive .
Society Cafe , is a great place for an intimate Iftar with your family or friends,, the food is excellent and the staff makes you feel at home giving you the family feeling.