Embrace a healthier Ramadan this Holy Month, by preparing meals for the Whole Family with Electrolux

Dubai, UAE. April 2022: The Holy Month of Ramadan can be not only stressful due to fasting, but can take its toll on your body, which is why its imperative that you nourish it with healthily cooked meals. One easy way to incorporate a healthier and more time-effective approach to your Ramadan cooking is by using an air fryer, and Electrolux’s range of kitchen appliances will help you save time, energy and make the most of the time with your family and friends during this special month.

Embrace a healthier Ramadan this Holy Month, by preparing meals for the Whole Family with Electrolux

Whether you are creating a traditional soup, baking a cake or grilling delicious kebabs, there is no doubt that by using more efficient cooking tools, you really could be spending the extra time you gain with your loved ones. And, Electrolux’s line of energy and time-saving appliances, particularly its multifunctional and highly versatile Air Fryers, which makes it easy to create delicious meals in a shorter time, promises to help you do just that.

The top benefits of using an Air Fryer for your Ramadan cooking include:

  • Shorter cooking times and zero heating times required, as opposed to a traditional oven
  • Healthier cooking – Say goodbye to deep frying, as the Air Fryer manages to create delectable, crispy and beautifully cooked meals without all the unhealthy oil
  • Air Fryers are safe and extremely easy to use
  • Crisp and crunchy foods – If you like to cook allot of frozen or breaded foods, Air Fryers are designed to actually crisp up the foods you are cooking, resulting in a crunchy, golden exterior rather than a soggy mess
  • Air Fryers are SO versatile – While they are a great alternative to the traditional deep fryer, you can actually cook virtually anything in an Air Fryer. From fried chicken to Falafel, Spaghetti Squash to Batata Harra, your Air Fryer will produce a perfect meal every time

Electrolux’s Air Fryers has multiple features such as six programmable functions including the multifunctional mode and the Light and Crispy mode which means that you won’t need to turn your pastries over during baking, while the Slow Roast function promotes an even deeper meat marinating process meaning your meats will come out tastier, juicer and absolutely succulent.

In addition to that, Electrolux Air Fryers has a large capacity with a removable basket, allowing you to be able to cook a whole chicken, fish filets, or two, large baked potatoes easily and without the need for any additional trays. The large-capacity pot is also non-stick and dishwasher safe which means post-cooking cleaning has never been easier.

With Electrolux air fryers, you can have your favorite fried meals without the added fats and grease and keep the crunch, the secret of the air fryer is that it circulates high temperatures swiftly, allowing food to be sealed quickly, keeping the outside crispy and the interior delicate and juicy. The versatile air fryers from Electrolux, does more than just healthy frying, it also roasts and grills to perfection without using any oil. That’s three cooking options in one small package.

The Electrolux range includes a variety of large and small appliances including cookers, fridges, freezers, washing machines, microwaves, dryers, air purifiers and air fryers.

About Electrolux:

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