Umbrella Beach Padel Launches First Annual Ramadan Padel Tournament at Brand-new Facility

FUJAIRAH, United Arab Emirates – Padel club of Umbrella Beach, a high-end commercial and recreational complex located on the UAE’s scenic East Coast, will host an action-packed padel tournament to commemorate the holy month of Ramadan. Slated to kick off on April 15, the three-day event is expected to draw top padel players from across the region, according to Umbrella Beach General Manager Abdullah Taleb.

Umbrella Beach Padel Launches First Annual Ramadan Padel Tournament at Brand-new Facility

“This is a way for us to give back to the community and engage with the next generation of athletes from the UAE and beyond,” Taleb says. “The first event of its kind, we look forward to making the tournament a highly anticipated annual event.” The competition, winners of which will receive generous cash prizes, will be held at Umbrella Beach Padel, a brand-new athletic facility with a spectacular view of the Gulf of Oman.

‘Healthy Interaction with Local Community’

Since its official opening late last year, Umbrella Beach has established itself as an all-in-one entertainment venue, catering to Fujairah residents and foreign tourists alike. Along with upscale restaurants and eateries, the complex offers a range of athletic activities, including swimming, jogging and – most recently – padel, a popular racket sport typically played in doubles.
Umbrella Beach’s Ramadan Padel Tournament is intended to showcase Umbrella Beach’s enormous potential as a “multi-use” facility, where guests can take part in exhilarating athletic events after enjoying a delicious iftar meal. “Like our other group-focused activities, the tournament aims to promote interaction between the Umbrella Beach brand and Fujairah’s youth-oriented community,” Taleb explains.

Athlete’s Paradise

The upcoming tournament also aims to elevate the status of sports and athleticism in the UAE’s dynamic East Coast region, according to Taleb. “Umbrella Beach Padel, which features cutting-edge sports equipment and a highly-trained staff, has already become a favorite destination for local athletes and fitness enthusiasts,” he says. The next step for Umbrella Beach Padel is the launch of their very own Umbrella Beach Padel Academy.
“We have spared no expense in the design and planning of this week’s tournament and our facilities, with the utmost care paid to every last detail,” Taleb adds. “Visitors of all kinds are invited to compete in the event – or simply watch from the sidelines and enjoy.”