CHINT’s Path to CSR: Four Years of Dedication in Egypt

SHANGHAI – CHINT values nothing higher than its responsibility to the community. CHINT’s subsidiary in Egypt established roots in the local community as soon as it was set up in 2019, sparing no effort to support the Egyptian people and forming strong links across the country through charitable endeavors.

CHINT’s Path to CSR: Four Years of Dedication in Egypt

Recently, the Egyptian subsidiary and the Orman Charity jointly launched a charitable donation activity, sending foodstuffs and other materials to nearly 1,000 local families, as well as greetings and blessings to our Egyptian friends. This is the fourth consecutive year that CHINT has offered a charity package to Egypt.
Sahar Salama from Orman Charity said, “CHINT has been a great donator in the past. We would love to maintain these donations.”

“Strive to build a compassionate enterprise” is the ambition that Yassin Ma, Country Manager of CHINT in Egypt, has instilled from Day One in 2019 and the promise that he and his team have realized in the past four years. Yassin Ma also determined the business policy — not only to provide advanced power technology services but also to replicate CHINT’s advanced corporate philosophy and management style in Egypt.
“The donation activity in cooperation with the Orman Charity will be a local brand project of CHINT in the future. We must do a good job in fulfilling corporate social responsibility and pass on CHINT’s compassion,” Yassin Ma said.

Empowering the local area to drive development is a fundamental aspect of CHINT’s DNA. Since 2019, CHINT Egypt has continuously donated to charities, universities, and other institutions, helping more than 3,000 low-income families and students.
In 2021, CHINT topped the list of China’s 100 Most Socially Responsible Private Enterprises. Since it was established 38 years ago, CHINT has been committed to repaying the society, seeking to create value for its customers, develop its employees and undertake its social responsibility, and has established the CHINT Public Welfare Foundation for charity. So far, CHINT has made donations worth more than USD 70 million to various public welfare undertakings.

In addition, CHINT has also made efforts to explore a new model combining public welfare with industry in such areas as donation to education, poverty alleviation through industry development, rural revitalization, fight against COVID-19, disaster relief, and environmental protection.