99 Percent Sustainability at 99 Sushi Bar and Restaurant

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

99 Sushi Bar & Restaurant’s star ingredient is beyond a doubt the Atlantic Bluefin Tuna, which punctuates their menu through elegant Makis, Temakis, Nigiris and Tartares, to name a few.

99 Percent Sustainability at 99 Sushi Bar and Restaurant

We are delivered weekly with the best cuts from robust tunas, averaging 180 kg per fish to ensure the finest fat-flesh ratio,” explains Jaime Castaneda, Director of 99’s International Development. Group Executive Chef Ruben Guerrero then uses the flavourful loin or “Akami” and the fatty belly, called “Toro”.

Such a rare product comes with a responsibility and a great concern for the environment, considering the mass fishing of tuna and its endangerment. That is why 99 chose to collaborate exclusively with the Balfego Group, a company that farms Atlantic species only, according to the regulations of the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tuna, an international fisheries organization endorsed by the UN and FAO.

In their constant effort to provide premium ingredients of the highest standards, taking their valued guests’ health to heart, 99 also endeavors to source as many local suppliers as possible to reduce the carbon footprint, from the UAE’s bio farms to the much-loved Dibba Bay Oysters.

99 is looking at a bright future, expanding the brand from the UAE and Spain, to Riyadh, Rabat, London, Bogota, Miami. 99 is preparing for a better future, one that takes into consideration our eating habits and their impact on the environment.