AL Dahana FZCO supports the automotive industry in the GCC by establishing cars manufacturing platform in UAE

April 2022, Dubai: Al Dahana, the automotive Retail and Distribution platform will better support the automotive industry in the GCC by launching a manufacturing platform to assemble cars and light trucks in the UAE. The new manufacturing platform will enhance and increase Al Dahana’s presence and portfolio in the region, in addition to providing the end-use with local manufactured and just in time “JIT” automotive solutions.

According to Mr. Nasser Watar – President & CEO of Al Dahana: “Our objective is to assemble Electric vehicles – Zero Emission  “EV” by partnering with a global manufacturer. We have studied the successful ASEAN markets where car components manufacturers were considered as local manufacturers in the SE Asia market and awarded the car local assembly status. Such a successful experience will be brought to the attention of the local industry leaders for possible adoption to accelerate the creation of such an echo system in the UAE market.

In addition, A Just-in-time “JIT” and direct to consumer “DTC” sales model will be implemented where the customer can custom order their desired model and or reserve/purchase their car on line through the company’s portal to add or delete specific options including color combinations and trim. The UAE being on the Global front has consistently shown interest in creating an “Automotive Echo System” for Automotive manufacturing and Assembly. The company is working diligently to achieve that objective and such an Echo system will create employment opportunities and attract talent and experts in the automotive manufacturing space to that will be deployed for this project. The initial investment in such a project is approx. of 2 Billion dirhams. The United Arab Emirates market is a dynamic strong market, and our objective is to create such an echo system for vehicle manufacturing in the UAE.”

الدهانة Al DHANA FZCO تدعم صناعة السيارات في دول مجلس التعاون الخليجي بإنشاء منصة لتصنيع السيارات في الإمارات العربية المتحدة

Al Dahana, an automotive retail and distribution of vehicle and spare parts platform in the MENA region (directly and through partnerships) has announced that it is looking towards additional automotive opportunities in the United Arab Emirates. Al Dahana along with its affiliated companies and subsidiaries employs technical, administrative, and highly skilled executives to cater for the continuous growth across all levels of the company and to bring highly added value products to the vibrant and evolving UAE market and will collaborate with other GCC and North African markets.

“We are proud that today we are one of the key players in the automotive industry in GCC and North African markets. Our team is up-to-date with the changes and trends taking place internationally and will add to its talent team the manufacturing team who is brining state of the art technology together with our potential OEM partners.” Concluded Mr. Watar”.

About Al Dahana FZCO

Al Dahana is an automotive retailer and distributor of vehicles and spare parts and through joint ventures serving the continuous demand in the MENA region. The company operates two key business segments: Distribution and Retail and most recently started working on a manufacturing project.  The company is backed regionally by a strong central support structure in the areas of finance and accounting, MIS, IT and HR.

The company’s vision is to expand into multiple regional markets to achieve an ideal distribution model and set industry benchmarks in the region’s automotive sales and after sales service market, while keeping abreast of international trends and developments and always maintaining the interest of its