Ramadan Collection inspiration

With the advent of the month of Ramadan, full of delightful visits and warm moments, Mauzan creates a collection of Ramadan Abayas and Kaftans 2022 to make it a unique collection that fits the vibes of the holy month.

Mauzan set new inspiring standards for its modern designs, based on curved lines and earthy colors inspired by the beauty of the fossil dunes.

Abayas with rich designs, carefully selected fabrics of the finest types and international sources. It starts with the famous Mauzan black Abayas made of Italian crepe fabric with different and distinctive cuts that combine crepe and chiffon. And it ends with colorful Abayas in a variety of fabrics of organza and linen to give you an elegant soft look.

As for Kaftans, they are one of the fundamentals of Ramadan gatherings. Ramadan Kaftans 2022 collection consists of soft designs embroidered with beautiful flowers and handmade motifs. Kaftans that resorted to soft unified colors of beige and different shades of pastel to suit the Ramadan vibes.