E-Tips Launches the New Way of Tipping in 100 + Restaurants Across the UAE

The Regional Leading Digital Tipping Platform, Launches it’s ‘Tip the Chef Campaign’ for the Holy Month of Ramadan Seamless Gratuity for the Month of Gratitude

( 04 April, Dubai) E-Tips –  the region’s leading cashless tipping and review platform, has partnered up with The Cloud, UAE’s leading B2B2C virtual food brand company, to create a new way for customers to give back during the Holy month of Ramadan. The new campaign «Tip The Chef» launched by E-tips together with The Cloud will cover delivery-only restaurants across major cities like Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The campaign will give customers an opportunity to tip not only delivery drivers but even chefs and kitchen staff. Restaurateurs expect to increase clients’ gratitude by 5x and for the first time, chefs and kitchen teams will receive tips from delivery.

Kamil Rogalinski, Chief Technology Officer of The Cloud said, “This project brings innovation to the forefront of our virtual food brands, and we can express nothing but excitement as we launch across the country. Tip The Chef will not only highlight the efforts of every individual behind each kitchen and each delivery order, but will also champion our company’s mission and vision in the F&B-tech industry.”

E-Tips Launches the New Way of Tipping in 100 + Restaurants Across the UAE

The campaign is slated to launch across more than 100 delivery-only restaurants including Chicken Cottage, Burger Heist, Sushi Artisan, and Shawarmania.

E-Tips works with a range of clients from hospitality to beauty, spa, and automotive, amongst other services providers, keeping the spectrum broad.  Thus, offering businesses a creative way to motivate staff, increase productivity and receive instant feedback. For instance, in regards to hospitality vendors, this is an opportunity to increase their staff tips by up to 30 %, while receiving the reviews directly to managers’ phones. Customers can also reward their favorite staff every time they like a service somewhere, with just a click of a finger.

Providing a cashless solution to customers makes it easier for people to give tips without worrying if they have spare change or not. Furthermore, it gives them the opportunity to tip any member of the staff from the dishwasher at the restaurant, to the chef and server. The platform also allows customers to transfer their good reviews to google maps and TripAdvisor.

“The Holy Month of Ramadan, the month of gratitude is the perfect opportunity for people to thank those who have provided them with a service, give alms, and show their support for those who work long hours to provide for our community” stated Michael Lvov, CEO & co-founder of E-tips.

According to Mckinsey, 58% of Middle East consumers expressed a strong preference for digital payment methods during the pandemic while only 10% strongly preferred cash. At the same time, 87% of experts say that in a five-year perspective, pass-through digital wallets and cards will become the most popular payment methods.

About E-Tips

Launched in 2021 E-tips is the region’s leading cashless tipping platform that also allows users to leave feedback and online reviews. People can use the application without registration and give tips with just a couple of clicks.

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