Last Filipino act of Expo 2020 Dubai Rivermaya rocks Festival Garden

DUBAI, 31 March 2022 – As Expo 2020 Dubai celebrated its final day on Thursday (31 March) with a host of superstar performers, the privilege of being the final Filipino act of the 182 days went to Rivermaya.

الفرقة الفلبينية “ريفرمايا” تتختم بعرضها الرائع الليلة الأخيرة من إكسبو 2020 دبي

The alternative rock band had the crowd in Festival Garden dancing along from the first number, singing all the words, while a sea of phones recorded their every note.

The singing roles were shared between the trio – Mike Elgar and Nathan Azarcon, who were both on guitar and mics, and in a rare move for a percussionist, Mark Escueta on drums also pitched in.

Rivermaya have achieved critical and commercial success in the Philippines, where they spearheaded the country’s ‘90s alternative rock explosion, and been creating unforgettable songs ever since.