21K School Aims to Become the Largest Online School in South Asia By 2023 

21K School Aims to Become the Largest Online School in South Asia By 2023 

MUMBAI, India–(BUSINESS WIRE/AETOSWire)– 21K School—India’s first online-only school—is well on its way to becoming the largest online-only K12 school in South Asia. It will be registering over 15,000 students for the upcoming academic year by July 2022, and by 2023 the school plans to have over 30,000 students. Presently, 21K School has students from over 35 countries who have been the strong promoters helping the community grow.

21K School is a leading online-only school that offers accessible, world-class education to children between the age of 3 to 18 years, residing in any geographical location and time zone. With over 200 highly trained and best-in-class teachers, 21K School has an enviable teaching quality which is rated at an industry beating 96% approval. While students enrolling at 21K School can choose to study from three curriculums—Indian, American, and British—its disruptive education model is helping create a new category with personalised, affordable, and flexible schooling for them. The online-only school has recently partnered with Cambridge UK to offer career pathway programs from schooling to admission in universities across the UK for higher education. The team has taken their deep understanding of technology and pedagogy to create a school of the future.

21K School helps students significantly cut down their commute time to and from school, thus giving them more time at hand to pursue language studies, performing arts, sports, etc. Furthermore, students from 21K School have gone on to publish books, develop games, compete in state and national level sporting events, and yet have never had to miss a day of school. Santosh Kumar, CEO & Co-founder, 21K School, said, “21K School continuously aims to provide world-class education from nursery to Grade 12, with an ease of access to everyone, anywhere, anytime. Outside our regular target audience, we have seen a high level of inbound interest from parents who have to frequently move cities due to jobs, or parents from Tier 2 & 3 cities who yearn for high quality education or those in metros but cannot afford the sky-rocketing price of schooling. With online schooling making a breakthrough in the education ecosystem, 21K School focuses on broadening its reach to help students fulfil their quest for holistic education and be ready for future.”

About 21K School:

Founded in 2020, 21k School is the first online-only school in India. Co-founded by Santosh Kumar, Joshi Kumar, Dinesh Kumar and Yeshwanth Raj Parasmal, the school’s objective is to make world-class education accessible to all children irrespective of their geographical location and fluid lives. The school is known for its intellectual rigor, application-based learning, flexible options, trained faculty, and an environment of collective learning in a community that grows together instead of competing with each other. The school has 3,500 plus happy students going to 30,000 over the next 18 months – across 35 countries and is well poised for global expansion.

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