ARCB Officiates Its Establishment and Partnership with UNDRR

An investment holding company of KVG reciprocates to the effort in sustainability attainment

DUBAI, UAE, 29 MARCH – Ar Rizq Capital Berhad Investment LLC (ARCB) had its launching ceremony in the Emirates Tower DIFC Dubai. As a testament to the commitment in nurturing sustainability, ARCB officiated its partnership with the United Nations (UN), specifically under the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR). The event was attended by ARCB President, Jazman Shahar Abdollah, ARCB Executive Director, Irfan Hadi Jazman Shahar, and UNDRR Ambassador, Dr. Mahmoud Al Burai.

شركة الرزق كابيتال برهاد إنفستمنت ذ.م.م (ARCB) تحتفل بتأسيسها وشراكتها مع مكتب الأمم المتحدة للحدّ من مخاطر الكوارث (UNDRR) 

ARCB is an investment holding company for Kenaf Venture Global Sdn. Bhd. (KVG) and its group of companies. More than an investment holding company, ARCB is also a platform for the attainment of sustainability through market exploration in the kenaf investment. As of now, ARCB is exploring the international investment market starting with Dubai and other Middle Eastern countries. The investment market is to be expanded to other parts of the world in the future.

“Our venture in contributing to the development of sustainability never stops. Each initiative taken is a step forward and the steps should be progressive and constant. We have one of the best mechanisms in approaching our goal which is kenaf cultivation and processing and we shall stretch the potential to reach our goals”, said Jazman Shahar.

He then further added, “ARCB is a perfect platform to bring KVG and its group of companies in exploring the global market for industry development as well as a platform in being a contributing factor to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The company’s establishment together with the partnership with UNDRR will be a game-changer for the global sustainability initiative”. Among the key elements in the partnership forged with UNDRR is to reach to a wider geographical frame to spread the opportunity of life quality enhancement.

Under UNDRR, ARCB will specifically be focusing on the issues related to refugees all around the world. The partnership shall be focusing on creating the door of possibilities in difficult situations, especially during the times of uncertainty. As an organisation that is equipped with the means to make changes, ARCB is obliged to progressively bring betterment to mankind and simultaneously restore environmental health, particularly reducing carbon footprint.

About Ar Rizq Capital Berhad (ARCB)

ARCB aims to be recognised as a global investment company that prioritises the development of sustainable advanced materials, products and innovations, contributing to the improvement of business environments and communities in which we operate. At an extended level, it is also an organisation that is committed to bring difference for the benefit of the global community and the environment. Upholding the Islamic religious values, ARCB looks forward to serving the people from the business platform.