Sustainability Champion Dake Rechsand Announces Side Event at the MENA Region’s First-ever Climate Week

Dake Rechsand, known for its revolutionary Breathable Sand and Sponge Cities solutions, will lead a side event at the maiden Middle East and North Africa Climate Week, to raise awareness and initiate multi stakeholder participation

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dake Rechsand, the Dubai-based company specializing in sustainable solutions for water conservation and desert farming, has announced its participation in the upcoming Middle East and North Africa Climate Week (MENACW22), which is scheduled to be held between 28th to 31st March. Leading sustainability advocate Dake Rechsand has been selected to speak/exhibit on 31st March, the final day of the landmark event. Hosted by the Government of the UAE, the first-ever edition of the MENACW is widely believed to be a precursor to the upcoming COP27 in Egypt and COP28 in the UAE. The MENACW22 will also build on the successes and takeaways from the recently concluded COP26.

We are immensely proud to be part of a historic moment when the consensus for concrete climate actions is translating to in-person conclaves in the MENA region. Our side event, themed ‘Integrated Smart Management of Water with Sponge Cities’, will touch upon an urban model for water conservation, flood management, and restoration of ecological balance, founded on the 3R’s approach of reducing, reusing, and recycling,” said Chandra Dake, CEO of Dake Rechsand.

Sustainability Champion Dake Rechsand Announces Side Event at the MENA Region’s First-ever Climate Week

He is among the three speakers who will speak at the event. The other two speakers are Dr Yuming Su, Vice President, State Key Laboratory of Silica Sand Utilization, Beijing, China & USA, and Li Zhang, Deputy Chief Engineer, China Design Group Co. Ltd., who boast commendable experience in the development and implementation of Sponge Cities.

The Sponge Cities model, first implemented as part of the Sponge City Initiative (SCI) in China, has led to visible positive impact, paving the way for similar projects in the MENA region-which faces acute water scarcity and associated social, economic, and environmental challenges. As the region rises to the challenge, with landmark events like MENACW22, Dake Rechsand aims to bring sustainable solutions like Sponge Cities to the fore.

The Sponge Cities Partnership (SCP) for Global Climate Action will be launched by High-Level Champions with the objective of strengthening collaborations between parties and non-party stakeholders (NPS), to accelerate near-term action, highlight transformational solutions, and enhance ambition across all regions in support of the Paris Agreement.

The Sponge Cities event, along with the SCP launch, is an earnest attempt to drive sustainable water security within the larger climate action framework, by fuelling open discussions, raising awareness of plausible solutions, and bringing all stakeholders together under one roof. Dake Rechsand remains steadfast in its commitment to enable regional nations to achieve their green and sustainability goals,” added Chandra.

The Gulf Sustainability Gold Award Winner 2021 for Innovation in Sustainable Technologies, Dake Rechsand has been making waves in the Middle East with its desert farming solution, Breathable Sand, and water conservation solution, IDer, which is fundamental to the Sponge Cities model.

Dake Rechsand intends to showcase its solutions at the side event on 31st March. While the event is free of cost, it has limited slots available, and the registration window closes on 25th March. So, sustainability enthusiasts, climate action proponents, and all interested parties are requested to register at the earliest and join the region’s efforts towards a sustainable future for all.

About Dake Rechsand

A Gulf Sustainability Gold Award Winner 2021 for Innovation in Sustainable Technologies, Dake Rechsand has developed innovative and transformative solutions in water conservation and sustainable farming. The company’s breakthrough breathable sand technology that transforms barren desert sand into high-yield, arable land, along with its signature IDER water-harvesting range, is empowering Desert Farming and Water Conservation. With a global presence that currently extends to the USA, the UAE, India, China and South Africa, the company is making a positive impact on food and water security in water-stressed regions. In 2022 the company is launching a Carbon Sequestration program of 50 million trees in GCC region which includes Forestation and Food Forests.