Satoshibles NFT Launches the ‘Stacks Bridge’ at VIP ‘Bitcoin on the Beach’ Dubai Event

The world’s first NFT collection active across multiple blockchains welcomed big name crypto guests at the chic Bla Bla Dubai in JBR during the World Blockchain Summit in Dubai

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Stacks Bridge is designed to:

  • Let holders move NFTs to Stacks and back to Ethereum
  • Ensure NFTs are only active on one blockchain at a time
  • Allow liquidity locked on Ethereum NFTs to flow into the Stacks ecosystem
  • Drive demand for STX while increasing the number of active NFT holders
  • Encourage users to store their NFT on the world’s most secure blockchain

Satoshibles NFT – the world’s first NFT collection active across multiple blockchains – held a special Dubai launch event last night for the launch of the ‘Stacks Bridge’ ( which allows people to hold their NFT on Ethereum or Bitcoin via the Stacks network.

Satoshibles NFT Launches the ‘Stacks Bridge’ at VIP ‘Bitcoin on the Beach’ Dubai Event

The invite only ‘Bitcoin on the Beach’ launch party was held at the ultra-cool Bla Bla in JBR. Guests included members of the Satoshibles and Stacks teams, guest speakers from the ongoing crypto conferences, CEOs of local and international crypto companies, cyber security professionals, artists, crypto traders, and well-known crypto influencers including Youtubers and Instagrammers.

At the event the Satoshibles team raffled off NFTs from the project, gave away a commemorative NFT to all event attendees, and showcased some of the art in the form of 16×16 inch acrylic prints that had been signed as a one-off by the artist.

Thanks to the reopening of the world as we ease out of the pandemic and the Dubai crypto month and associated festivals, many of the Satosihibles and Stacks community had travelled to Dubai. The party was a chance for networking and meeting other holders and likeminded individuals who had come together through crypto in the region,” commented Brian Laughlan, The Creator of Satoshibles.

He added, “The main purpose of the bridge is to ultimately give control to the holder, allowing them to freely choose where they want to hold or trade their assets. We can benefit from the low fees on Stacks and build amazing utility there for our holders. This bridge is going to allow us to expand and diversify our community to accommodate both Bitcoiners and Ethereum enthusiasts.”

The emergence of Bitcoin NFTs in the past six months has allowed for a new class of NFT holders and the creation of NFTs that possess the security benefits of Bitcoin. As one of the largest Bitcoin-related NFTs currently on Ethereum, Satoshibles solidified its mission early on to allow its holders to trade or hold their NFT on Bitcoin via Stacks, a blockchain that brings smart contracts and apps to Bitcoin.