Sharmoofers charm audience with positive vibes at Expo 2020 Dubai

They are known for their upbeat music and positive vibes, and Egyptian band Sharmoofers did not disappoint, when they played to an enthusiastic crowd as part of Expo Street Music, at Expo 2020 Dubai on Friday (18 March).

فرقة “شارموفرز” المصرية تنثر بذور البهجة والتفاؤل في أجواء إكسبو 2020 دبي

The Egyptian group, headed up by Ahmed Bahaa and Mohamed El Arkan, brought their groovy, happy music to the stage at Sustainability Plaza, where the onstage fun proved infectious to the watching crowd, who were soon dancing and singing along to hits such as Easy Money.

Making use of everything from energetic lighting and saxophone solos, to a frenetic range of onscreen images and eye-catching attire, the four-piece group made for a memorable night against the stunning backdrop of Terra – The Sustainability Pavilion.

Expo Street Music has brought a line up of performers from all across the globe to Expo 2020 Dubai, including Chris de Burgh, Ziad Bourji, Dalida Khalil, and Bonnie Tyler.