‘King of modern-day Afrobeats’, singer, songwriter and record producer Davido pulls prodigious crowd at Expo 2020 Dubai

 Promising an “energy showdown” ahead of his hugely-anticipated performance at Expo 2020 Dubai’s Jubilee Park, Davido insisted that the audience members would not be going home the same people on Saturday (19 March).

The Nigerian-American singer, who enthralled the crowd with both old and new hits including Dami Duro, Gobe, Dodo and One of a Kind, began his set by videoing his delighted fans.

<strong>المغني النيجيري اللامع “دافيدو” يشعل الأجواء في حديقة اليوبيل</strong>

Blinged to the max in gleaming bracelets, earrings and a massive silver chain sporting the numbers ‘001’, the star topped off his ensemble with a green Expo 2020 Dubai scarf.

Davido said: “At the Nigeria Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai, it’s just amazing to see how our country is celebrating agriculture, entertainment, business, politics… everything. So visiting the Nigeria Pavilion and seeing myself in there was amazing. I’m here to represent my country and to spread love and peace.

“My message for Dubai’s Nigerian community is to keep promoting African culture. You know, about 10 years ago, African people were not that popular around the world, but that’s changed – you can hear that from the crowd who are already cheering for me.”

Musical artist Kayykilo got things underway with a dynamic rap performance and some sultry moves, before Davido took over the reins – with the appreciative audience roaring their lungs out, word perfect on every one of the Afrobeats King’s tracks.