Netix’s open-source state-of-the-art controllers bag Amazon’s approval; will optimize the retail giant’s fulfilment centres across the globe

Amazon has approved the open-source controllers developed by Netix Controls, giving the smart buildings solutions provider an opportunity to optimize the retail giant’s fulfilment centres across the globe.

March 15th , Dubai, UAE: Netix Controls, a subsidiary of the SB Group and a leading smart buildings solutions provider, today announced the approval of its open-source, state-of-the-art controllers by global retail giant  Amazon. The approval has implications for Netix’s outreach as well as Amazon’s worldwide centres, which stand to maximize their efficiencies and optimize their building and asset management.

نيتيكس تنال موافقة أمازون على وحدات التحكم المتطورة ومفتوحة المصدر لترتقي بمراكز أمازون للشحن حول العالم

This approval from Amazon, executed through real estate services company CBRE, will see Netix Controls work on the BMS of 59 fulfilment centres across Europe, starting with France and Germany. Netix will shoulder the BMS responsibilities in Amazon’s centres, ensuring seamless integration and connectivity with IoT platforms and the IT infrastructure across their warehouse and offices in these locations.

The global approval comes on the back of Amazon’s observations of Netix’s edge as one of the only providers of an open-source, open-protocol system, as well as successful implementation in four of Amazons centres in India and one in Jeddah. Similar approvals were also extended for Netix controllers for Amazon centres in Dubai, Riyadh, and Egypt which are currently underway. Netix’s quality of work and their expansive global network of operations led to Amazon inviting them to expand the scope of the partnership to Europe as well.

“Organizations do not come bigger than Amazon, which is a household name across the globe. We bagged its approval by demonstrating the multi-fold value that our open-protocol controllers can unlock. This is to say, our partnership is built not just on promises but on demonstrable positive outcomes. Soon, Amazon centres across Europe will be enjoying similar benefits,” said Sanjeevv Bhatia, Chairman of SB Group International & CEO of Netix Global BV.

Netix Controls has carved out a niche for itself at the intersection of technology and real estate, by championing the open-source, android approach, across full-suite BMS solutions and maintenance services, including but not limited to intelligent Integrated Building Management System (iIBMS) and their Konnect platform. Netix’s model offers clients flexibility as well as significant savings by improving processes, eliminating OEM dependencies and optimising resources.

Keeping the open-protocol framework as its unique value proposition, Netix has also launched the Novus Partner Program to ignite a Brownfield Revolution – a movement to unlock greater efficiencies and optimize energy usage in old buildings grappling with multi-vendor, legacy systems  – across the Middle East region, by sharing best practices and knowledge from successful implementations. In doing so, Netix, along with Novus partners, has enabled owners/operators in old buildings to unlock significant savings in resources, energy, labour,  and increase efficiencies, reliability, and the life span of connected assets.

The approval by Amazon, one of the largest and fastest growing companies in the world, with billions of dollars invested in ecommerce, logistics and service delivery,  serves as a testament to Netix’s state of the art technology strengths, robust solutions and expansive global operations.  “In a proptech ecosystem crowded by software-only, piecemeal solutions providers, we have carved a niche as a provider of an end-to-end portfolio of hardware as well software and IoT solutions, that are delivering immediate quantifiable savings for our clients. Based on multiple case studies, we have unlocked a 50% reduction in OpEx, on average. Our years of painstaking R&D and the constant pursuit of excellence in service delivery have led to this approval by a global giant like Amazon. It’s a proud moment and we are confident of exceeding expectations,” added Sanjeevv.

About Netix Controls:

Headquartered as Netix Global BV in Schiphol-Rijk (Netherlands), Netix Controls is aiming for a connected world with sustainability and carbon neutrality as the central focus. Netix controls is a leading solution provider that specializes in the digital transformation of energy management and automation in homes, buildings, data centers, infrastructure development, and various industries. Building on the strengths of an open framework and IoT technology-driven approach, Netix Controls is a premier provider of best-in-class building automation systems, solutions, and services. A Tridium Gold Partner, Netix’s comprehensive industry expertise ranges from design, engineering, integration, connectivity, testing, commissioning, and maintenance of smart building ecosystems, and their components. The company’s products and services include Netix Konnect- Intelligent Integrated Command Control Center (iICCC); NETIX Uniview SUPRA, a feature-rich supervisory software suite built on the Niagara platform; Managed services offering predictive maintenance for both buildings & machinery; Smart Metering solutions and more.  Underscoring the confidence that Netix Controls stands out, as a class apart, are the team behind this promising venture, who boast a collective experience featuring stints with Honeywell, Johnson Controls, Siemens, and Delta Controls. The company’s global presence currently extends from Europe to the Middle East, USA, India, Singapore, with upcoming debuts in the United Kingdom, Egypt, Qatar, KSA, Canada, and Australia, as well as active opportunities being pursued in broader markets.