Chery’s TIGGO 8 PRO MAX: A Technological Marvel Redefining Luxury Driving Now Available in the UAE

Dubai, United Arab Emirates — Chery’s TIGGO 8 PRO MAX seamlessly integrates state-of-the-art technology into the essence of luxurious driving, solidifying its position as the pinnacle of the brand’s flagship SUV. Meticulously crafted with Chery’s core technology, this masterpiece embodies the essence of “Technology Chery” by integrating intelligent cabin features,Continue Reading

The latest gem from Rixos Hotels Egypt, Rixos Golf Villas & Suites Sharm El Sheikh, has officially opened its doors, inviting guests to experience an abundance of elegance and leisure activities. Discover this newest Rixos touch in Sharm El Sheikh. Carefully crafted to deliver an unrivalled guest experience, Rixos GolfContinue Reading

Furwee: The Next Generation of AI-Powered Interactive Education for Kids Now in Arabic!

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — Animatic Media is excited to bring to the Arabic-speaking world its groundbreaking AI innovation: Furwee. Embracing the essence of technology and education, Furwee now offers an animated, talking, and listening AI chatbot interface that not only engages in real conversations but also mirrors emotions basedContinue Reading

Now Health International celebrates another service success

Award-winning International Private Medical Insurance (IPMI) provider Now Health International is celebrating its latest customer service success, having won another prestigious award, Customer Service Initiative of the Year, recognising its leadership in this area. In addition to its TrustPilot score reflecting how the company’s members feel about its products andContinue Reading

بيت الألوان يجلب الدهانات البريطانية الممتازة إلى الإمارات العربية المتحدة

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, August 2023: House of Colour, a UAE-based company specializing in superior quality and captivating colour palettes, is delighted to announce its strategic partnership with Mylands Paints, Britain’s oldest family-owned and run paint and polishes manufacturer in the UK.  This exciting collaboration makes House of Colour theContinue Reading

مجموعة أباريل تقطع شوطاً كبيراً في استراتيجية توسيع علامة ستيف مادن وتتم 25 متجراً لها عبر سائر دول مجلس التعاون الخليجي بافتتاح أربعة متاجر في الكويت.

Apparel Group, a leading powerhouse in the fashion and lifestyle is thrilled to announce the expansion of its renowned fashion lifestyle brand Steve Madden, in Kuwait with two new stores, a total of four in Kuwait. This expansion reinforces the group’s commitment to providing a unique and forward-thinking shopping experienceContinue Reading

دبي في صدارة الأسواق العالمية في توفير تقنيات “شات بوت” الخاصة بالتفاعل بين الإنسان والروبوت من خلال حلول معالجة اللغة الطبيعية وتقنيات التعلم الآلي:

Value of global chatbot market stands at more than USD 2.7 billion says global company Dubai, UAE, 27 June 2023: ValueFirst, a global leader in enterprise communication services headquartered in Dubai, has made available Open AI’s ChatGPT on its Conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI) products. This connection would dramatically improve chatbotContinue Reading