“Hayatna” grabs “Superbrands UAE Choice – 2022” award  

Abu Dhabi – June 2022: Hayatna, the UAE-made brand has won a new award “Superbrands UAE Choice – 2022” after few months from the launch of the brand in the UAE markets. Superbrands, which is an independent authority and arbiter of branding, bestowed the award to “Hayatna” – the brand of Emirates Food Industries (EFI), in recognition of its Quality of Products and Innovative range of beverages.

“حياتنا” تواصل تميزها بالحصول على جائزة Superbrands

According to Wasfi Kaso, CEO at EFI, “Hayatna was launched recently and so far, won two awards: the Superbrands UAE Choice – 2022 and the Dubai International Taste Award 2022 for packaging category. Our expectations are very high, especially leading to be one of the most trusted brands in UAE. Hayatna enjoys a diverse portfolio of 20+ categories and is committed towards its consumers to provide them with the freshest products with highest quality standards. In addition to the fact that it is a pure UAE-made brand.”  

“Hayatna is the only brand listed this year as Superbrands UAE Choice – 2022 in the category of FMCG dairy and beverages. Participation in Superbrands is by invitation only and is offered to the most outstanding brands in their field. We take pride in sharing with our consumers this prestigious recognition of Superbrands award. This award will strengthen our brand’s position and reassures to our consumers that Hayatna is their brand of choice.” Said Mohsin Abrar, Marketing Director at EFI.

Hayatna operates with more than 150 SKUs (Stock Keeping Unit), over 20+ key categories. With a range of products such as fresh juice, long life juice, long life milk, fresh milk, fresh flavored milk, fresh laban, fresh yoghurt, Greek yoghurt, fresh cream, spreadable cheese, and Mozzarella cheese. Along with their Ethnic products, that is created to address the preferences and distinct flavor for a large consumer ethnic group. The dairy products are specially formulated based on popular taste and traditional values with modern interpretation.

About Emirates Food Industries

Emirates Food Industries (EFI) is one of the leading foods, dairy and agricultural companies in the UAE. Headquartered in Abu Dhabi, EFI has extensive manufacturing, logistics and distribution operations across the UAE. EFI has diversified interests in the agricultural, animal feed, dairy and food sectors, and the EFI Group consists of more than 10 companies. EFI plays a key role in the UAE Food Security Agenda.

The EFI Group includes the following agribusinesses and companies:

  • National Feed and Flour Production and Marketing Co. (NFFPM), a leading animal feed producer and distributor.
  • National Dairy Factory (Hayatna)
  • National Dairy Farms (NDF) and Masaken Dairy Farms (MDF), two of the largest standalone dairy farms in the UAE.
  • National Bags Factory, a leading Polypropylene bags manufacturer.
  • Al Rawdah Veterinary Clinics (RVC)