In celebration of Women’s History Month in March,

Art4you Gallery held 2 art exhibitions in 2 different locations. The Women’s Art Show titled “Women Empowerment” at the Picasso Gallery in Dubai was opened on 24th March.  With over 50 pieces by 20 women artists, it was a visual testament to the power of art as a mechanism for empowerment, transcending words and allowing the viewer to draw their own conclusions, considering their unique set of circumstances juxtaposed with the colors on canvas set before them.  Moving around the gallery it was evident that the works spoke to those who wanted to listen, sights expanded by the power of perception.

Art for Women Empowerment was a mission to support women in the art world, their art, and the subjects they paint – That was Women Empowerment Art Exhibition by Art4you Gallery at Picasso Gallery Dubai. The all-female artists’ show supported women artists and helped bring attention to the lack of female representation in museums and galleries. The event opened with the ribbon cutting ceremony and welcome remarks of H.E Laila Rahhal followed by an Introductions of the featured artists. Speaking about the art and the exhibition at the Gallery,

Curator Jesno Jackson said, “I believe that everything can be perceived as an Art. I strongly believe that “Art has a great power of love and expression” and so I’ve tried to put forward the social issues that a woman in society faces through all latest series ‘Women’s Rights and Empowerment’.

In celebration of Women’s History Month in March,

The exhibits were eloquent expression of the adverse situations a female face, beautifully expressed in the several paintings in the exhibition. VIP Guests congratulated the artists for the fine work and encouraged people to support their work to raise social awareness. The exhibition was inaugurated by H.E Laila Rahhal in the presence of Ms. Khulood Al Jabri and unveiling the artwork, followed by the Opening of Art Tour with Artwork of Dr. Eng Suaad Al Shamsi.

Rengi Cherian, Art4you Gallery Founder said, “When it comes to art, it is still very much a man’s world. We are proud to be part of the campaign #BreakTheBias #iwd. In the UAE one can discover and connect with diverse cultures and people. Each one having a different and unique voice. When we explore and engage with different cultures and gender through art, we learn something not only about the artist but also about ourselves. 15 artists from 11 nationalities have captured the need for women empowerment connecting to this year’s theme #BreakThe Bias”.

Russian artist Tatiana Gurova elaborated on the idea behind her work, she said, “Empowerment of women is critical for a balanced socio-economic development. Social, cultural, and family pressures on women are often the reasons behind gender inequality. Such pressures lower down the career ambitions and dreams of women.”

Talking about the inspiration behind her painting ‘Floral’, Emirati artist Roa Al Madani said, “Just like flowers, strong women convey a sense of admiration. My objective is to show the beauty of nature by using vibrant colors and grow it instead of destroying it. I’m part of nature and nature is part of me that’s why I show my love to it and most of my artworks.”

“The art industry in the UAE is back on track after a considerable slowdown due to the pandemic and it is really fascinating to witness how the galleries in the UAE have utilized this period to come up with innovative and inspiring concepts with an aim to broaden the horizon of art. “, says one of the collectors.

List of Participating Artists at the #IWD2022 :

  1. Suaad Al Shamsi – UAE
  2. Roa Al Madani – UAE
  3. Reem Al Subiy – Saudi Arabia
  4. Almudena Angoso – Spain
  5. Cynthia Khabsa – Lebanon
  6. Deema Belal – Egypt
  7. Sheetal Durve – India
  8. Tatiana Gurova – Russia
  9. Alia Amin – Pakistan
  10. Tatiana Yatlo – Ukraine
  11. Suma Dileepkumar – India
  12. Ellina Zhyzhyna – Ukraine
  13. Isha Farha Quraishy – India
  14. Sanili Saha – India
  15. Natalia Vityugova – Russia
  16. Cathy Deniset – France
  17. B – Lebanon
  18. Honey Taheri – Iran
  19. Natalya Lukomskaya – Russia
  20. Megha Manjarekar – India

Curator’s Note: Through the many major feminist movements throughout our country including “Me Too” and “Time’s Up,” it is important to continue the fight towards equality for women. Art plays a major role in society, and I believe it is important to use art’s influence to promote the fight for feminism both inside and outside of the art world. The fight for equal rights for all women includes equal standards for women and men within the workplace and a world where women are viewed as equal to men, socially, politically and economically, and view women as more than sexual objects, but capable and powerful.

The exhibition opened on March 11 until April 11 were focused on the theme

#BreakTheBias where men and women exhibitors supported theme WOMEN at The Mall Jumeirah. The Mall Jumeirah also supported International Women’s Day IWD 2022 with IWD campaign support for the month March 2022. The exhibition was successfully closed on April 11th, 2022.Together we can forge equality. Collectively we can all #BreakTheBias. That was the motto of the show.

As a part of this campaign, we Art4you Gallery aimed to exhibit the impact art has on gender quality while showcasing how far women have come in this world, and how it has been throughout life.

Art4you Gallery is a multicultural platform with a mission to promote the exchange of art between UAE and other countries and to create learning and exhibition opportunities for artists. Art4you in short span, established into a leading art gallery community in UAE region that supports innovative work in the field of the visual arts. The Founders Jesno Jackson and Rengi Cherian started Art4you with a mission to provide a platform for artists to showcase their creations on a public domain and to engage artists in deep discussions about the history of art, its techniques, styles, concepts and various other topics. We have now more than 650 artist activists and members in UAE and around 2000 plus artists from the globe.