Writer Relocations emphasizes the need for a professional moving agency for art moving needs to the Middle East

Dubai, UAE, 31 May 2023: The global arts market is set to grow remarkably in 2023 as the Middle East and Asia-Pacific are one of the largest regions in the art market in the forecast period.

Art market, physical or figurative source of art comprising of paintings, music, is an important sector, considering it forms an essential part of most influential homes. Moving delicate, valuable, and priceless artworks requires specialized care and expertise. According to Writer Relocations, a global leader in the premium mobility, it is essential to plan each step with extra care to avoid any damage to those priceless artifacts.

Every artwork is unique and requires personalized care. Without the right precautions, an artwork or an artefact can be easily damaged, leading to irreparable losses. It is imperative to consult and appoint a professional relocations agency for art moving needs. Professional relocation service providers have the experience, knowledge, and the resources to pack and transport priceless art pieces safely, and efficiently,” said Simon Mason, Chief Operating Officer & Chief Revenue Officer, Writer Relocations.

Writer Relocations emphasizes the need for a professional moving agency for art moving needs to the Middle East

Professional relocation agencies such as Writer Relocations customize services to meet clients’ specific needs. They provide specialized crates, climate-controlled transportation and storage, and other tailored services to ensure that artwork arrives safely and in the same condition as it was before transport. With a track record of 98% damage-free shipments, 70 years of moving experience, and over 3,000 global clients, Writer Relocations has helped customers with their fine art mobility requirements efficiently.

“Moving artworks can be stressful and overwhelming, especially if a customer have never done it before. A professional relocation company can take the stress and worry out of the process, allowing clients to focus on other important things. They can provide clients with peace of mind, knowing that the precious artworks are in good hands,” pointed out Mason.

In the Middle East and especially in the UAE, Writer Relocations have helped many customers move their priceless artefacts.

The wide range of artwork and distinctive shipping locations means that moving companies cannot rely on standardized guidelines that fit all scenarios. If a company is involved in this process, it must consider several crucial factors such as transportation options, the characteristics of the artwork, confidentiality, weather conditions and security measures. All these considerations play a role in the art shipping arrangements to a large extent. As such before trusting a mover with precious goods, it is always best to see what others who have already moved with them have to say about their experience. It is recommended to opt for movers that are internationally accredited and can offer high standards of service excellence.

About Writer Relocations For 70 years, Writer Relocations has been a key player in the global relocation industry, providing end-to-end services in the people and asset mobility space. Every year, Writer Relocations manages over 8,000 relocations, making it one of the preferred premium mobility players. The Company manages relocations for employees and executives of over 3,000 global companies. Writer Relocations has presence across 8 countries with a partner network across 190 countries

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