Emitac Healthcare expands portfolio, signs up new partners for cutting-edge medical solutions

Dubai, United Arab of Emeries – Emitac Healthcare Solutions has partnered with a host of global companies this year as part of its commitment to bring cutting-edge medical and healthcare solutions to the UAE and other Middle East countries.

The new partnerships, which were signed at the recently held Arab Health in Dubai, span distribution rights for surgical instruments, nursing beds, cancer treatment and diagnostic solutions, among others.

The partnerships facilitate Emitac and its Saudi subsidiary, Etqan Healthcare Solution to become channel partners for the global companies that are keen to expand their presence in the regional market.

Commenting on these partnerships, Mr. Mohammed Kenanah, CEO of Emitac Healthcare Solutions, said, “With these new partnerships, we will be introducing to the UAE and regional market state-of-the-art solutions that will help catalyze diagnostic efficiency, excellence in surgical support, improve cancer treatments and dementia-related health conditions which would require contemporary and advanced solutions. We are looking forward to finalizing more strategic partnerships this year, in addition to the eight we signed up at the Arab Health.”

“At Emitac, our mission is to bring to the community the latest healthcare and medical solutions that are benchmarked to global standards. We understand the need for innovative solutions, and we endeavor to strengthen the healthcare solutions of the region,” he added.  

Emitac Healthcare expands portfolio, signs up new partners for cutting-edge medical solutions

Emitac’s new partnership in the sterile surgical solutions space is with B. Braun Aesculap, one of the world’s leading companies in this sphere based out of Germany. The distribution partnership is for surgical instruments, sterile containers and surgical power systems, among others.

For Saudi Arabia, Emitac has joined hands with the German, Amnotec International Medical GmbH, for surgical instruments, containers and endoscopy devices. The channel partner for these solutions in Saudi Arabia will be Emitac’s Saudi subsidiary, Etqan Healthcare Solution. Amnotec is a leading player specialized as an efficient full-service provider of equipment used in operating rooms.

Etqan will also be distributing diagnostic products and equipment in Saudi Arabia under an exclusive partnership with Proma Reha, the Czech med-tech leader. Through Etqan, Emitac will also distribute and promote medical diagnostic products and early diagnosis equipment from the Slovenian company, Mesi Medical.

Emitac has signed with Vancouver-based med-tech company Cognetivity Neurosciences as their authorized distributor in the Middle East for CognICA, Cognetivity’s flagship medical device product.

CognICA is an FDA-registered and CE-marked cutting-edge solution that provides computerized test of cognitive function with numerous advantages over traditional pen-and-paper examinations, such as its short testing duration and high classification accuracy, coupled with the absence of a learning effect or any cultural or educational bias. Cognetivity is developing products to support the early detection of dementia and is looking at incorporating AI in its solutions.

Emitac has also partnered with Belgian IBA, known for the development and manufacture of particle accelerators used in cancer treatment and a non-exclusive agreement with the Bavaria-based Zimmer Medical for distribution and promotion of physiotherapy products.

About Emitac Healthcare Solutions

Jointly owned by two Emirati conglomerates, The Bukhatir Group & The Ghobash Group, Emitac was established in 1976. Since then, the company group has been growing and flourishing by meeting the most challenging requirements of a fast -evolving landscape through impeccable business acumen and technology. The organization covers several industries such as healthcare and IT, finance, public sector and many more.

Emitac Group has established a solid presence within the region and surrounding countries such as Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Oman. There are currently four different companies that works and functions under its umbrella in the United Arab Emirates, and two other companies in the regional market. 

Emitac Healthcare Solutions is very well connected and is a national powerhouse when it comes to healthcare solutions, especially in the domain of connected care and digital transformation.   

*Source: AETOSWire